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  1. Lunarians, There has been multiple suggestions to rework the use of enchanted items in the wilderness. Cases for the rework: Currently, the p2w aspect is present in PvP because of the enchant system. People can enchant a unique item and use it freely in the wildy and potentially hit above max hp. (unique AGS) Investor pet protects 4 items in the wildy, so there is no risk involved into bringing enchants in the wildy (currently being talked about as well) There should be a system in place that places risk into bringing enchanted items into the wildy Negatives for the rework: Devalues enchanted items Potentially stop people from PvPing We have taken what the community has stated and placed them as answers in this polls. If you do not see an option that you like, please comment your suggestions. Thank you all in advance! Sincerely, Ujj
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